Angela sofa

Angela Furniture
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Brief description



Super soft sponge

Long lasting structure

Internal materials can be seen

Base of the sofa is made of European beech Wood


Sofa specifications:

Angela sofa:

Sofa structure is made of processed and Anti-termite

Russian wood and high quality multi-layer woods.

35 Kg/m3 (Density) Super soft sponge made in Jajrood sponge making company (leading company in sponge making industry)
sitting sponge is in compliance with National Standards( both in tension and traction)

Structures are strengthened by nail, glue and bolts and nuts which increases structure life time.

All sofas inside can be seen from bottom by a zip that can be unzipped so customer can see sofa’s connections and joints

Delivery time is almost 7 working days for online shopping.

Domestic sales are delivered free.

All products quality is guaranteed for 24 months.


“Sample of base furniture”
زیر کار مبل راحتی

زیر کار مبل راحتی

زیر کار مبل راحتی

زیر کار مبل راحتی

Image description:

Strength of products is derived from using best row materials and connections, joints.

Kian wood industry uses best technologies and machineries from European companies like FELDER (Austrian) and VITAP (Italian) and HOLZER (German)

Recruiting best human resources beside machineries and using best row materials made kian wood industry one of the best furniture producers in Middle East.

You can also see production procedures in factory visit part.

Finally we wish that you enjoy using kian wood industry products at your home.


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